Lashing for Reefer Container

At Sara Packing Solutions we have the know-how of transporting temperature controlled
cargoes in reefer vessels and containers. Ourcustomers-focused team works within legal
and environmental frameworks to ensure that the goods are packed to arrive at the desired
destination and time in the desired condition.

Reefer Container with Lashing & Choking services we provide have withstood the test of
the most advanced standards and tests underextreme weather conditions. It involves
packing of frozen, chilled or warm cargo. A refrigeration unit is built onto the nose of the
container and power is provided by a motor generator (when container is on wheels), by
terminal (when grounded in a yard) or by the ship (when laden on board).

Our high quality crates, boxes, pallets and skids are custom designed and fabricated to
completely protect your needs for this kind of specialised packing services. By the use of
Reefer containers transportation has become easier and ensures preserving the quality of
foods such as meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruits, as well as films, plants and

Packages /cartons and no space between the cargo and the walls of the container as this
allows the refrigerated air to circulate evenly around the cargo, thereby keeping the
frozen products at the required temperature.

Reefer Container Packing

Lashing & Choking